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Zudomon is a Sea Animal Digimon. Ikkakumon digivolved further, and as a Power Digimon, it became able to walk on two legs. It further guards its well-tempered muscles with protectors, which it made from the pelt and shell that it stole from its opponents. The horn on its head has been replaced with one that became impossible to regrow, so it voluntarily processed it into a saw shape. However, after all is said and done, its strongest weapon, which it dug up from ancient ice, is its “Thor’s Hammer” (Thor Hammer) made of Chrondigizoit.


  • Vulcan’s Hammer (Hammer Spark): Strikes the opponent with the shock wave and sparks produced when it swings down its Thor’s Hammer.
  • Horn & Tusk
  • Vulcan’s Hammer (Hammer Boomerang): Throws its hammer like a boomerang.
  • Thor Hammer
  • Glacial Spear (Glacier Spear): Uses the horn on top of its head to pierce an opponent.
  • Cold Crusher (Ice Lord Bump)
  • Hammer Head
  • Thor Fury
  • Nail Pull
  • Shell Smash
  • Anvil Smash
  • Vulcan Vengeance (Vulcan Revenge)
  • Horn Attack



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