Zaiko 3D

Version: 1.1License: FreewareFile size: 38 MB
OS: WindowsAuthor: Mugen’s World Language: English
Category: AnimeMultiplayer: YesDownloads: 3220

Zaiko (ザイコー Zaikō) also known as Xicor is Goku’s genetically created cloned son. He is half-Shinjin, as his mother is the West Supreme Kai. He is the main antagonist of Toyble’s Dragon Ball Af doujinshi.

Zaiko and his mother, the West Supreme Kai also is called of the Lyra, arrive on Earth in two space pods. Immediatly after landing Xicor comes into contanct with Goten and fires a Ki blast at him. The blast is so powerful that Goten is almost killed. After sensing the blast, Gohan, Vegeta, and Trunks rush to battle. After questioning him Zaiko reveals himself to be son of Goku which shocks Z-Fighters.After this, to display his immense power Zaiko releases a tremendous Ki wave destroyed a big chunk of the planet Earth!

Vegeta wastes no time transforming into a super saiyan 4. He charges at Zaiko but Zaiko easily pushes the Saiyan Prince aside. Soon after Gohan reveals his ability to transform into a super saiyan 4 and engages in a battle with Zaiko but soon he to is defeated.



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