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Triceramon is a Dinosaur Digimon. Triceramon has the form of a triceratops and power competing with the strongest of herbivorous dinosaur types. The toughness of its skin is top class among organic type Digimon, and its two ultra-hard horns are more solid than Monochromon’s. It is gentle by nature, but its charging attack belies its usual sluggish movements, full of power, capable of destroying even the sturdy bodies of mineral Digimon.


  • Tri-Horn Attack: Charges into enemies with the horns on its forehead and snout. In Digimon Adventure V-Tamer 01, it fires beams from each of its horns.
  • Mega Dash (たいあたり Tai Atari, lit. “Body Blow”)
  • Knock Buster
  • Volcanic Strike: Shoots Fireballs.
  • Blaze Blast (Fire Breath): Shoots a Breath of Fire.
  • Golden Tri-Horn Attack: A Tri-Horn Attack with its horns spinning at high speed.



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