Omega Shenron

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OS: WindowsAuthor: Alienqueen Language: English
Category: AnimeMultiplayer: YesDownloads: 1320

Syn Shenron is the seventh and last of the evil Shadow Dragons to appear, and the last villain to appear in Dragon Ball GT, and thus the last villain of the Dragon Ball original trilogy series.

Syn Shenron appears as a large, humanoid, white, black and blue Dragon. Two large, fleshy horns emerge from the top of his head, and a pair of tiny feelers emerge from his upper lip, giving the appearance of a mustache. Long black spikes protrude from his shoulders, elbows, back, and knees. Two more fleshy spikes protrude from the sides of his chest, and his abdomen and the back of his head are dark blue. The One-Star Dragon Ball is visible on his forehead, sporting the blue color and cracked appearance of all the corrupted Dragon Balls.




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