Nappa FighterZ

Version: 1.1License: FreewareFile size: 128 MB
OS: WindowsAuthor: TomoLanguage: English
Category: AnimeMultiplayer: YesDownloads: 2120

Nappa stands as a very unique character in DBFZ, as he is able to cheat many of DBFZ’s rules and standards to vortex the opponent to death, a strength best showcased by his Saibamen. Saiba act entirely on their own, meaning that anything that Nappa does won’t affect their behavior; this allows Nappa to set up high-damage combos, insane mixups, and even break him out of combos. This gives Nappa a phenomenal corner/mixup game with a truckload of options. He can also perform restands anywhere on the screen, forcing extremely high damage and terrifying mixups on his opponent. When Nappa manages to land a turn, he reigns supreme.

Now, uniqueness isn’t always an upside, look at that Pros/Cons table again. Nappa’s stubby and slow normals betray his short stature and make his neutral and defense absolutely god awful, with no nice way to put it. Nappa may be able to set up a restand-to-death route off of any aerial hit, but getting that is a massive challenge. This massively raises Nappa’s skill ceiling, and combined with his already knowledge and momentum intense playstyle makes him unforgiving and terrible for beginners.

Nappa starts the match at an uphill battle, but the moment he gets close he perhaps skyrockets to being one of the most powerful and terrifying characters in the game. If you take sadistic glee in watching opponents blow their Spark just because you got within five feet of them, play Nappa and never go back, as you’ve found one of the most fun and rewarding characters in the game.



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