Homura Mugen

Tên: Homura

Cập nhật: 1/09/2021

Thể Loại: MUGEN


Ngôn Ngữ: Tiếng Anh

Hệ Điều Hàng: Windows

Homura is a slim young woman with dark-brown eyes, long, navy blue hair, and a beauty mark located under her left eye. Her hair reaches to her waist and part of it is tied in a high ponytail with a yellow ribbon. She is very well-endowed and has a curvaceous figure.

Homura’s main outfit consists of a sleeveless, yellow-colored kimono with red-colored flower-like designs, loose sleeves around her forearms, and knee-length black leggings.

Homura’s outfit while in Digitalis is a shoulder-less, light-colored kimono with semi-circular flower designs, black square-shaped trimmings on the end of the sleeves, and a flower-like clip on the right side of her head.

While on the planet Mildian, Homura changes into a medium-length kimono that resembles her primary outfit but comes with a pair of red-colored bunny ears, a Yamato design, a bold low necktie, a white fluffy tail, fishnet stockings and has a pair of zori sandals.

After the events of the Sun Jewel arc, Homura now wears a kimono similar to her initial attire, but now has red cloud-based designs with a light-colored rose on her hip, a navy-blue hakama with white trimming on the bottoms, and a pair of knee-length black boots. In World No. 31, Homura used Weisz’s app to change into a decorative light-red kimono similar to her main outfit, but revealing most of her ample bust and her hair is tied in a long ponytail by a matching knot-top shaped like fox ears.


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