Version: 1.1License: FreewareFile size: 38 MB
OS: WindowsAuthor: VeemasterLanguage: English
Category: AnimeMultiplayer: YesDownloads: 120

Greymon(グレイモン “Greymon”) is a dinosaur digimon. It has a brown armored skull-like helmet with horns on the side and a single horn on the nose. It is a large digimon with a muscular figure, it has orange skin with blue stripes across it’s body. It has three clawed toes on each foot and three claws on each hand. Its special attack is the Nova Blast, on which it exhales a powerful fireball.

Greymon is an available partner digimon in this game, digivolving from Agumon after it gets stats of 100+ in offence, defence, speed and brains, a weight of 30 and a maximum of 1 care mistake. The bonus condition is getting discipline at 90%+. Depending on which conditions you fulfil, it can digivolve into either: MetalGreymon or SkullGreymon.

Greymon also appears as an NPC and will battle you outside of Jijimon’s house once you have a prosperity rating of 15 or higher. Once defeated, Greymon runs the Digimon Arena.



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