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OS: WindowsAuthor: E_TorrejonLanguage: English
Category: AnimeMultiplayer: YesDownloads: 320

Birdramon is a Giant Bird Digimon. It has an appearance shrouded in blazing flames. Just like Meramon, it is a Digimon that was generated from the Internet’s defensive “Firewall”. It flaps its gigantic wings, and flies about the sky. Although its personality is in no way combative, it unleashes counterattacks against attacking enemies to a furious degree.

Birdramon is a giant bird of fire similar to the mythological phoenix. Its body is wreathed almost entirely in orange flames. The only parts that are not are its mouth with protruding teeth and its two feet, each of which has five talons. It has blue eyes and large wings capable of supporting flight.


  • Meteor Wing: Flaps its wings and hurls its feathers like meteors.
  • Fire Flap: Engulfs itself in flames and tackles the enemy.
  • Mach Grinder (Mach Glide): Glides and tackles the enemy.
  • Storm (強襲 Kyoushū, lit. “Assault”): Attacks fiercely from the sky.
  • Bir-Flame: Flame thrower.
  • Fireball: Shoots a ball of fire from its mouth.
  • Phoenix Rising (Phoenix Taze)
  • Talon Tear



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